ESN at RILEX - Screaming with the big boys

There are few good reasons to wake up early on a Friday morning, especially when it looks like we're about to be with by the biggest storm of the century. However, the annual RILEX Leadership Camp turned out to be one of those things that all well worth waking up for in any weather.

Ladies Night - Making it rain with fake dollar bills

There's one thing that is proven every time we decide to go all out and create an event: There ain't no party like an ESN party. This time we decided to have a huge array of games, from super simple memory play-cards to the infamous "What's in the box" challenge. Some of us were playing the classic game of Celebrity Heads, others had a chance to play some Blackjack and Texas Hold 'Em.


We've been to Szeged!

If you have only a weekend to spend in Szeged, it's important to have the best tour guides available. The city is packed with wonderful sights to see, and deciding which ones you want to see can be quite challenging.

Our delegation from ESN Győr got on the bus early Friday morning, and after a 5 and a half hour trip, we arrived at Szeged. Bus terminals look the same everywhere, yet in Szeged, you had the feeling that the city surrounding the terminal worked its' charm into it. 

The Invisible Downtown Tour 

2017. október 15.

For the 1st time, Győr has joined the growing list of Hungarian cities that celebrate design. On the 15th of October we had the chance to take part in an English-language tour called 'the invisible downtown’ tour where we got detailed informations about the history of Győr. 


Trip to Pannonhalma

Autumn has arrived along with the new students from all around the world in the frame of
Erasmus and Stipendium Hungaricum to Győr to study at Széchenyi István University.

After the initial difficulties which caused by the never-ending administration process and the assimilation to their new environment, there was the time for the first trip.

40 international students participated in our cultural program in the Monastery of Pannonhalma.

Goodbye trip

Had an amazing trip with our students, this semester we said our official good bye to them at Szántód.

ESN Welcome Party 2017!!!

The Welcome Party what we organised for the new ESNers was a great fun
There are the photos from the event.
We hope everyone had a great time, see you at the next event!