ESN Győr holds together all the Erasmus-students who arrive in Győr. (The city is located in the North-West Hungarian Region) The section began its work in September 2001 in Széchenyi István University as EGG Győr, then it became ESN Győr in 2009. Since there were two universities in Győr at that time, we found it important that we hold together all the Erasmus-students. For that reason, at the beginning of 2015, we managed to achieve the integration of foreign students from both universities.

ESN Győr is part of ESN Hungary as a medium-sized section with more than 100 international students and more than 50 active Hungarian members per year. Among the Hungarian members, 6 people form the local board. Their primary role is to decide the direction of the section. We believe that aside from all the programs we organise for the foreign students, it is also important that we represent our organisation as much as possible and we motivate Hungarian students to travel and gain experience. Another important goal for us is to create a strong community by providing room for improvement among our members with trainings and various team-building programs.

In each semester we strive to make the arriving student’s time spent here as colourful as possible. We aim to make an impression with our programs, including field trips and social events that allow the exchange students to grasp the very essence of Hungarian lifestyle while bringing home nice memories from their time spent with us.