The Invisible Downtown Tour 

2017. október 15.

For the 1st time, Győr has joined the growing list of Hungarian cities that celebrate design. On the 15th of October we had the chance to take part in an English-language tour called 'the invisible downtown’ tour where we got detailed informations about the history of Győr. 


Experiences of the participants

“It was a nice cultural trip in Győr with other Erasmus students. And also I had the chance to get more information about the city's history even for limited time. The stories behind the structures were impressive and the tour guide told these stories well. Also i'd like to thanks to our tour organizer Anasztázia Katona and ESN Gyor for organized this trip for us.” (Sergen Karacay)

“I liked the tour mostly because the guide was very professional and good, it was a pleasure to listen. Second the stories were very interesting. It’s like I was walking in the city looking how it’s calm quiet and beautiful, but now I also “see” the history behind this beauty. I liked the organization. Thank your for a good afternoon that we all I think had. “ (Guney Akbarli)

“This tour was amazing for that weekend, I found two new friends, I love this kind of adventure. About how I am feeling, I like to know about different countries and history of different nations, I learnt some new things about the history of Hungary, and it was amazing. I was interested with most parts of the tour, because most of them had a very long history and an unique story behind.” (Balen Zrar)

”It was such an informative cultural event for us. I learnt the meaning of those sculptures and historic buildings which are in the city centre. I had to chance for information exchange with tour guide and she was so helpful. Thank you for organizing this nice trip.” (Adem Mirici)