We've been to Szeged!

If you have only a weekend to spend in Szeged, it's important to have the best tour guides available. The city is packed with wonderful sights to see, and deciding which ones you want to see can be quite challenging.

Our delegation from ESN Győr got on the bus early Friday morning, and after a 5 and a half hour trip, we arrived at Szeged. Bus terminals look the same everywhere, yet in Szeged, you had the feeling that the city surrounding the terminal worked its' charm into it. 

Coming from a city like Győr, it's easy to get jealous upon seeing the various public transport options, and Szeged had nearly every one of them. Still, we decided to stick to the basics on the first day, so we took a bus and crossed the Bertalan Bridge to take our residence at Tisza Sport Hotel. Friday was about getting acclimated to the local air. We came from a city with another famous river the Danube, yet somehow the river Tisza felt a bit different. Maybe every river does, who knows? We arrived just in time for the 2018 Toros Pálinka Festival, which was the perfect event to get lost in. Our exchange students had the chance to meet hungarians at their very best; full of spirits and joy. The festival had everything that is hungarian, from amateur street bands to confusing art installations all the way to scented candle and soap vendors. If you ever felt like have to buy some traditional hungarian garments, this was the place for you. We spent most of the night wondering, until eventually getting back to the hotel and getting some sleep.

On early Saturday morning, we got to explore. First, we went to Szeged University to meet our amazing tour guides from ESN Szeged. Our first stop was The Water Tower of Szent István Square, built in 1904, then we took some lovely group photos in front of the Móra Ferenc Museum. After that, we went to the famous Boltive Church. We looked at it inside and out, took some lovely pictures at the magnificent square in front of it, then we went to the The Great Flood Statue, went inside the Szeged Synagogue, and finally we went to see the Pick Salami and Szeged Paprika Museum, which was an informative experience for all of us, not just the exchange students. 

Of course, you can't go to Szeged, organise an amazing cooperation with another ESN section without taking part in a late night social event, so our lovely guides from ESN Szeged showed us amazing party in Downtown Szeged, and we all had an amazing time.

On Sunday morning we took one last look at this amazing city as we took a cable car to the bus terminal in order to depart to Győr. It was a wonderful event for all of us, one that would not have been possible without the help we received from ESN Szeged.